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Ana Jimenez Tirado

Applied Linguistics

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From Spain, to Ireland, to Groningen

My name is Ana and I'm 22 years old. I did my BA in English Studies in Spain with one year abroad in Ireland. Afterwards, I did an MA in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and I worked as a Spanish language assistant in Ireland. I have always been interested in language and in what is the best way to teach foreign/second languages and that is why I chose to do an MA in Applied Linguistics.

Applied Linguistics

I chose to do the MA in Applied Linguistics in RUG because I thought it was well balanced in terms of theory and practice. I was also looking for a one year programme and affordable at the same time. From day one my expectations were met. The teachers are experts in the field and lectures and seminars are balanced in terms of theory, and individual and group assignments. Lessons are very dynamic and there is always room for debate and sharing our ideas and opinions with the rest of the class. As in any MA programme in this country there is an amount of work to do at home but all students agree that we are learning a lot for reading all our articles and doing our weekly assignments.

After the Master's Degree

One of the questions I get every day is: what's applied linguistics? Are you going to be a teacher?Once you finish this MA you will be an expert on how to teach languages and there are different career paths you can pursue, for example, you could work in a language centre advising about how to improve the teaching methods they use. You could also work on designing proficiency tests and learning materials, or even go for research.

THE Student City

I chose Groningen because it’s THE student city of the Netherlands. Although at the very end of the country and far away from everywhere but Zwolle and Assen, Groningen has a great variety of cultural and social activities in which people from all ages and backgrounds can engage.

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