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Alexis Tancrede Pages

Modern History and International Relations

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Freedom to pursue personal interests in depth

I am a second year student in the ReMa Modern History and International Relations. Thus far, the program has met the expectations I had prior to my arrival in Groningen: academic and intellectual rigor; freedom to pursue personal interests in depth and the acquirement of the methodological tools imperative to conduct high-quality research. My decision to enrol in the program revolved around a desire to go beyond the traditional one-year time frame of masters. A one-year program did not fit my demands and appeared to be far too limited to truly broaden my knowledge of the field and prepare me for a future career in research. As such, the Research Master program structure is a perfect fit for those who wish a more encompassing graduate education.

Divergent perspectives, fruitful debates

The interdisciplinary nature of my program appeared as a natural continuation of my growing interests. Having arrived in Groningen with little or no knowledge of IR theory, I was quickly immersed in it and immediately recognized its value to my own interests. The content of the program is supplemented by the diverse backgrounds of the participating students. We all approach the same topic from divergent perspectives, providing fruitful debates that challenge our preconceived notions of our disciplines and encourages critical thinking. I would recommend my program to all prospective students who desire an educational framework in which you are given the liberty to pursue your own ideas and be supported a by a wonderful faculty that actively encourages intellectual curiosity and creativity.

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding my information, please feel free to contact me.

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