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Amanda Aparaschivei

Bachelor's student European Languages and Cultures
Amanda Aparaschivei
Amanda Aparaschivei

Who are you?

Hello! My name is Amanda, I am 19 years old and I come from Romania. At the moment I am enjoying my student life as a second year student. Since I was younger I always dreamed of studying abroad, for me it did not matter where I would end up, as long as it meant living in another country. Coming to study in the Netherlands is one of the decisions I am every day grateful for, so far this country has provided everything that an international student needs, in order to integrate and feel more or less like home. There are not many moments in my everyday life where I can say I do not know what to do. Besides studying, I like to be an active person , therefore I am always practicing different sports or trying one of the many fun courses that ACLO, the university sport center, has to offer. Besides that, I usually go out with my friends or attend one of the various events happening in the city with my friends.

Why European Languages and Culture?

I fell in love with reading and literature at a very young age and this love has led me making the decision of choosing to study literature. Also, one of my favorite subjects in school was languages, therefore European Languages and Cultures was the perfect mix between two subjects that interested me the most. Between the three profiles: Politics and Society, Language and Society and Culture and Literature and the seven languages, I chose the profile Culture and Literature together with Russian and Spanish. What I like best about the study is the given opportunity to link the language of your choice to a wider European literary, linguistic or political development.

Why Groningen?

Groningen is considered to be the most famous student city in the Netherlands not only by Dutch students but also by internationals students and I have to say I completely agree with it. When walking through the streets of the city, the large amount of students can be seen everywhere, especially when the weather is good, studying or just relaxing in the Noorderplantsoen park. It is small enough so you can bike everywhere but at the same time it is offering a lot of events, from cultural to night life experiences so there is never a dull moment. Having all these characteristics, the city manages to meet all the wishes and necessities of a student. After only one visit I was completely charmed by the vibrant atmosphere and everything the city has to offer.


At the moment I would like to pursue a career in education or publishing, however, I learned early on that plans can radically change due life events, situations and experiences. For now on I want to keep an open mind regarding my choices and what I want to do after my studies.

Golden Tip

No matter what study you choose try to put yourself out there, be sociable and don’t be afraid to talk with other students, despite all your fears of not making friends or not being integrated. There are plenty of students out there with the same fears that go through the same thing as you. One way to meet new people at the beginning of your study is, for instance, joining the ESN Introduction Week or become a member of the various student associations. This is your chance of meeting people from all over the world and making connections and gaining knowledge that will last for life!

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