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Robin van Gammeren

Bachelor's student of English Literature and Culture
Robin van Gammeren
Robin van Gammeren

About Robin

Hi guys! My name is Robin van Gammeren, a third-year student of English Language and Culture. I am also a student ambassador for this programme, which means I try to help prospective students like you understand what it is like to be studying English. Not only do I know a lot about the programme itself: since I was part of the board of the study association of English last year (NUTS) I know all about the social life of English students as well! Because that too is part of your experience if you choose to start studying English in Groningen.

Why English?

Great question! When I was still in high school, I struggled with the same question as many high school students do now: what do I want to study? A lot of factors come into play when you’re trying to find the answer to this question, but I decided that it was most important that I would choose something that I really liked. And that’s how I ended up with English: I love literature, I love the language and the diversity of it. And if you feel that way too, then English is a great fit. Just being immersed in the language and learning about all its characteristics is so great about this study, and I haven’t regretted my choice for one second. Studying English, you will acquire a lot of useful skills. Not only will your level of English be top notch before you know it, you’ll also start to understand the world a bit better. After all, English is a global language!

Why Groningen?

Besides the obvious reasons – the sensational nightlife, the studenty feel, the cosy city centre and the just overall great atmosphere – there are some more important arguments as to why Groningen is a great city to study English. For one, Groningen is one of the few cities where the English programme is completely in English. I think this is a very important contributor to the development of your skills as an English student. Moreover, the English programme in Groningen is and has been the best in the country for the last couple of years. And one more reason why Groningen in general is the best student city of the Netherlands: there are so many associations and societies you can join as a student that you will never feel alone.

About the future

The future. Very important, though very vague as well. The thing about Academic studies is that you will not be educated with one specific career in mind. Contrary to what many believe, this does not limit your options at all. If you don’t want to become a teacher after studying English, you don’t have to. However, if you do want to, the possibilities are there. My point is that you can basically become anything you want! I personally do not know yet, but that’s okay because I’m certain I will encounter something along the way that I’m really passionate about, and the skills that I gained during my studies (as well through the education as through the experiences you have as a student in general) will surely help me achieve my goals.

Golden Tip

My tip is: go do something that you’re passionate about. Many students pick a study with the idea in mind that they will get a very important job afterwards and earn a lot of money. But in the end you have to be happy with your studies to be able to finish them. So as long as you make sure you’re doing something you really love, the rest will come!

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