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Constantijn van den Hoorn

Bachelor's Student of American Studies

About Constantijn

My name is Constantijn van den Hoorn, and I’m a second-year Bachelor’s student of American Studies. After completing senior general secondary education, I decided I wanted to get my propaedeutic certificate as quickly as possible at a university of applied sciences, in order to then transfer to a university to study my dream programme: American Studies. My biggest hobby is writing, so I write for The American Studies Herald, published by the E Pluribus Unum study association. I have a passion for everything to do with America, from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to Hillary Rodham Clinton. I follow American politics and watch C-SPAN in my spare time.

Why American Studies

American Studies matches my interests precisely. For years I’ve been fascinated by American history, the country’s politics circus and its wider culture. The best TV series and films come from America, and it's always fascinating to see the influence the United States has on the rest of the world. I grasp every opportunity I get to travel to America, and my love for the country even resulted in my living in Hollywood for a couple of months at one point. American Studies gives you the opportunity to study the entire American continent and to examine events critically, as well as teaching you to construct sound arguments.

Why Groningen?

Groningen is not merely one of the best student cities in the Netherlands – it is the best of them all! Students are the life and soul of the city, and the friendly atmosphere means you always feel welcome. The UG is also the only Dutch university with a Bachelor’s programme in American Studies.


The great thing about American Studies is that it’s a broad-based programme, which means you have a lot of options after graduating. Personally, I’m aiming to land a job in America, and fortunately I have the rest of the programme to figure out the details.

Golden Tip

Think hard about your choice of degree programme; don’t worry about what others think, but focus on what you want. Your time at university is an investment in yourself, so consider your choice in the same light. Attend as many open days as you can, and register for taster days to help you make the right decision.

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