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Corona - prospective students 2020-2021

Faculty of Arts

Studying in times of Corona

It is an uncertain time for students who now have to make a choice for a new study program that starts in September. University education has suddenly changed radically from your expectations. Currently, at the peak of the corona crisis, 90% of education takes place digitally and online. That, of course, was not what you signed up for. You expected something different from student life. To study, evidently, to gather knowledge and to even produce some new knowledge!  To develop yourself professionally and to realize ambitions. But also: moving to Groningen and living abroad, meeting your fellow students, building a network, making friends for life. Becoming a member of a student association, practising sports or hobbies with fellow students. Building relationships with inspiring professors. That's what this studentlife was supposed to be all about. The COVID-19 measures raise a lot of questions about what studying will be like. Many of those questions are answered on this page (for registered students only)


On campus or online?

Up to date, online education is going very smoothly. But the fact that we can offer it professionally does not necessarily mean that it is preferable in all cases. Offering 90% of education digitally is less than ideal. Especially so, when you enter a new programme. We consider personal (physical) contact between students and between student and teacher as an essential part of our educational concept. We therefore strive to offer parts of your curriculum physically, if we can offer it safely at the same time.

Start of the academic year 2020-2021

At the start of the academic year 2020-2021, education will be offered partially online. This principally applies to all lectures. Seminars and practicals will be offered on campus as much as possible. However, there will be an online alternative for those students who can't be present in Groningen.  A few programmes are exempt of this rule, as there are't any possibilities for online alternatives. These are the mastertracks for journalism (ENG) and journalistiek (NL) within the masterprogram of mediastudies, and the bachelor- and masterprograms for archeology. For these programs, presence in Groningen is mandatory from the start of the new academic year. Please, consult the webpages for these programs on studentportal or contact your studentadvisor if you have any questions. Written exams will be offered online during the first semester. In limited cases, a physical exam can be offered for exams that can't be taken online. In these cases there must always be an (online) alternative available for students who are not in Groningen.

Safety is paramount

What is beyond dispute, however, is that the staff in your study program go out of their way to welcome you to our faculty. You can fully expect the best quality academic education you could wish for.

We will use the space available for physical education, within the guidelines of the RIVM and the Ministry of Education that apply on September 1st. It appears that there will be some room for physical education. This offers every opportunity to meet your professors and fellow students in person. Extra important when you enter a new programme! The condition is that it can be done safely. Because when you come to study with us, we feel responsible for your health. It is paramount.

International students

International students who have chosen to start a program at the Faculty of Arts in Groningen in september may even be more unsure of what their future holds in the short term. Travel might be complicated, and visa-regulations may have altered. Reception of  your documentation for admissions may be delayed due to corona-measures or other regulations may impede you from coming to Groningen at the start of your programme.

Travel restricted? Contact your study-advisor!

If you are suffering from any impediments to start your academic program in Groningen as planned, we highly recommend that you get in touch with the study-advisor of your programme to see if we can meet your needs or compensate for your impediments. In some cases, you may be able to start your programme online and join it physically when you are able to. We have every understanding for your obstacles to get here and will take them into account. Do not hestitate to get in touch and find out if we can accomodate you.

You will find the study-advisor of your specific programme here.

You are welcome in our vibrant academic community. We will connect with you online, as well as offline.

Masters students

Given the effects of the corona measures, the Faculty of Arts has decided to apply the "soft cut" for students who want to start a master's program in September. This means that you will be admitted with a deficiency of a maximum of 15 ECTS from the BA or pre-master's program that provides access to the master's program. The condition is that you make up for the deficiency during the academic year 2020-2021. In addition, your BA thesis must be completed with a pass before you start your MA thesis.

For selective masters, selection is still in place like any other year. However, students with a deficiency of a maximum of 15 ECTS can be admitted conditionally to selective masterprograms as well.

Joint master's programs are approved by partners from different countries. Therefore these regulations don't apply to these programs.

Admission with a propaedeutic HBO-diploma

As a result of the COVID-19 measures, the Faculty of Arts decided to allow admittance to a Bachelor Program in september with a propaedeutic HBO-diploma with a deficiency of 15 ETCs, on the condition that you gain these points during the academic year 2020-2021.

You can make use of this regulation by turning in a statement from your higher education institute that states the amount of ECTS that you lack for your propaedeutic diploma. The English language requirements for your educational program and any other applicable conditions for admission remain in place. Consult the website for your educational program to find out which conditions apply.


Exchangeprograms will continue as long as they are compliant within the rules and regulations of the Dutch Government and the University policy.  Check this page if you enrolled in an exchangeprogram with the Faculty of Arts for September 2020. 

More information?

Guidelines and regulations are being developed as we speak as to how education will be organised at the start of the academic year to come. Whenever there are new developments, we will publish them on this page so bookmark it to keep track of the latest news. If you have any questions regarding your specific situation as a result of COVID-19 measures, do not hestitate to contact the study-advisor of your program. They will be glad to help.

Specific information with regard to your educational program can be accessed through this page.

More information about COVID-19 related measurs can be found on this website by following the links:

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