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Alumnus Giulio Baroni

My name is Giulio, I am currently living and working in Turin, an Italian city located in the north-west of Italy. After living around and outside Europe for five years (also due to the Euroculture Master’s Degree), I finally decided to move back to where I come from. I am originally from a small village, 80 kilometres east of Turin. What brought me back to my “origins” was the excitement of being back home. The fact that I can speak my mother tongue, sometimes my dialect, ways of expressing myself, or even just a small daily routine such as drinking a coffee in a bar. Additionally, the fact of being close to family members and good friends confirmed the wish to live closer to them.


Settling in back in Italy was rough. Of course, the weather is good and the food is great; but the current job situation, especially for the young generation, is tough. Even though Turin is a big city, good job opportunities are available only in a few fields: IT, engineering and medicine. Because of that at the beginning, I didn’t find any kind of jobs I liked or jobs relevant to my field of studies. However, thanks to the international experiences the Euroculture programme gave me, I knew I was going to get integrated soon (even though I am Italian).

First I was volunteering in my field of interests, especially the ones connected to food, environment and sustainability. I joined local environmental groups and I started doing sports in groups. After a short period of time, I got a job opportunity in a call centre. Even though I did not like this position at all, I had to accept it if I wanted to pay my bills and continue to be independent. Soon enough (about five months after I moved back to Italy) I found a fairly good position in a local environmental NGO, and I work there presently.

After working for them for a year, I became a member of the directive of the NGO, project manager of a couple of projects with five to ten people working weekly on these projects. The NGO is currently growing despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis, restrictions and the limits thereof. Now our projects are reaching beyond the borders of Turin to other cities.

Giulio and his colleagues
Giulio and his colleagues

The Master degree gave me the possibility to improve my open-mindedness, readiness for challenges and increased my skills of adaptations in any situation I was getting into. When I started my masters degree I wanted to participate in an international and interdisciplinary study programme. I was excited to travel, meet new people and know more about Europe as a whole. Looking back at that time and thinking about how the programme shaped me, the skills I am still using now and I repudiate the most important ones are: curiosity, spirit of initiative, independence and quick adaptations. These skills are the ones I used the most on a daily basis and are the ones which gave me the possibility to find a job and to meaningfully position myself.

Due to the freedom of the programme, I immediately understood that the Euroculture Master Degree may be a “dangerous path”. Because of that I tried since the beginning to find my way across the several possibilities the programme offers. I needed a clear idea of what I liked, where I wanted to go and which were the interests I could cultivate during the two years programme. One of these was food sustainability and environmentalism. This topic brought me first to Göttingen and then in India where I developed a field research thesis on EU Policies and organic certification processes.

If I look back at the path I decided to take, I feel happy for the experience I have made and the students and the professors I have met. I tried to be an active student in any city I have been (Strasbourg, Göttingen and Pune). Both volunteering and sport have helped me to integrate quickly in the realities I lived in. Because of these past experiences I would suggest anyone to approach new cities in this way, or to be as active as possible in this short period of time Euroculture semesters are characterized by.

The link I keep seeing in my career and that have been characterised during my Euroculture experience is internationalization and environmentalism. These two points have been the core of my last years around the world, and I hope will continue to be part of my also in future.

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