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Kossmann Lecture 2019: Gareth Stedman Jones

When:We 24-04-2019 15:00 - 17:00
Where:Senaatskamer, Academiegebouw, Groningen

Marx’s Last Utopia. The Rise and Fall of the Village Community.

Last year was the 200th birthday of Karl Marx. On this occasion, biographer, Gareth Stedman Jones, will deliver the Kossmann Lecture 2019. The event is organized by the History Department of the Faculty of Arts.

Karl Marx born in 1818

Karl Marx was born in Trier on May 5th 1818. The commemoration of his birthday received worldwide press coverage. In Trier is currently a large Karl Marx exhibition. The Chinese government donated the city a larger than life statue of the German philosopher. Since the province of Groningen has a vivid history of communism, the history department of the University of Groningen does not want to let this commemorative year go unnoticed. In 1951 the Dutch government dismissed the local council of the Groningen municipality of Finsterwolde after the communists gained a majority. The intervention gained world-wide attention. Time Magazine framed Finsterwolde as ‘Little Moscow’. The current earthquake drama caused by the gas exploitation shows that the essence of Marx’s historical critique on the exploitative nature of the capitalist employment relationship applies today in the form of climate and energy issues. .

Gareth Stedman Jones

Gareth Stedman Jones published a worldwide acclaimed definitive biography of Karl Marx in 2016. Jones, professor of the History of Ideas in Cambridge, is an expert in working class history and Marxism. In the late 1960s he was active in the New-Left movement. In the light of current affairs in Groningen, Jones chose a very suitable title for his lecture: ‘Marx’s Last Utopia. The Rise and Fall of the Village Community’.

Siep Stuurman

Siep Stuurman, renowned Dutch political scientist and historian, will comment on the lecture of Jones. Stuurman, also once active in New-Left student movement, recently became famous in America with the publication of his magnum opus The Invention of Humanity. Equality and Cultural Difference in World History (2017).

See the programme.

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