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Book talk on Secularism, Decolonisation, and the Cold War in South and Southeast Asia by Clemens Six

When:We 07-03-2018 15:00 - 16:30
Where:1312.0030, Harmonie Building

During this book talk there will be a discussion about the ideas and perspectives developed in the book "Secularism, Decolonisation, and the Cold War in South and Southeast Asia". Stefania Travagnin from the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies will also be there to give a critical comment on the book.


The intensifying conflicts between religious communities in contemporary South and Southeast Asia signify the importance of gaining a clearer understanding of how societies have historically organised and mastered their religious diversity. A novel approach to studying secularism in Asia, this book discusses in six case studies how global transformations such as decolonisation and the Cold War interacted with the local relations to reshape and relocate religion in society.