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Summer School Climate for Change

From:Sa 07-07-2018
Until:Sa 14-07-2018
Where:Groningen, the Netherlands

Creating a Climate for Change

The summer school “Creating a Climate for Change” is an interdisciplinary learning experience aimed at inspiring and activating students (PhD, Masters) and professionals working or studying in fields related to integrated sustainability.

Notably, participating in the summer school will provide a unique experience in discussing matters related to integrated sustainability, working on special cases in small groups, learning from each other, and presenting ideas to each other. Attendees are supposed to have a basic knowledge of environmental sustainability matters. The summer school aims to help them spread this knowledge in organizations, companies and among policy makers, in order to further sustainability. As such, the summer school will provide an opportunity to develop skills to start making a change within organizations, and raise awareness in leaders of tomorrow to take into account environmental sustainability in their thinking and practices. One of the aims of the summer school is to work together with local and university partners to provide the students with real-life cases to work on. In return the students will present their solutions and ideas to the partners, helping them tackle their sustainability issues.

Courses are taught by expert lecturers from U4 universities (Groningen, Göttingen, Ghent, Uppsala). The five day course offers a balance of theoretical input and hands on workshops, focused on creating new approaches and insights in integrated sustainability. Attendees will be working in groups toward more sustainable solutions, and finding new viewpoints to approach environmental sustainability.

A site visit, such as visiting a local organization specialized in environmental sustainability issues, will be part of the summer school.

Deadline for application 14 May 2018
Academic coordinators Prof. dr. J.C.J. Hoeks
Fees € 300 (excluding housing)
€ 545 (including housing)
Course level MA/PhD students, professionals