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The Agricola Seminar: Erasmus’ edition of the Disticha Catonis

When:Mo 12-06-2017 16:00 - 17:00
Where:Courtroom, Faculty of Theology, Oude Boteringestraat 38

The Agricola Seminar: Intellectual exchange hosted by the faculties of Theology and Arts (ICOG)

Erasmus’ edition of the Disticha Catonis was one of his greatest printing successes, with over 100 editions printed in his lifetime, not all of course with his approval or participation. He treated this Roman collection of aphorisms as a species of ancient wisdom literature and represented this approach as a radical break from his predecessors’. Erasmus told his readers why his edition was so much better than his rivals. Were these stated principles in fact important for the success of his work? What were his educational goals and his philological methods?

Speaker: Prof. Martin Bloomer (University of Notre Dame)

Prof. Bloomer’s chief areas of research lie in Roman literature, ancient rhetoric, and the history of education. His books include Valerius Maximus and the Rhetoric of the New Nobility (Chapel Hill 1993), Latinity and Literary Society at Rome (Philadelphia, 1997), The Contest of Language (Notre Dame, 2005), The School of Rome (Berkeley, 2011), and A Companion to Ancient Education (Chichester and Malden, MA, 2015).