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Over onsFaculteit der Letteren

Interdisciplinary conference Puzzling Europe

Wanneer:wo 26-10-2016 09:00 - 17:00
Waar:Academy Building

Puzzling Europe: Literary, political and linguistics perspectives on a fragmented continent.
26-28 October 2016

Europe is a puzzle, in more than one sense.

Currently, public discourse in Europe is dominated by crises: conflicts over migration politics and refugee quotas, financial meltdowns, member states’ threats to exit the EU. This discourse of crisis seems to corroborate the complaints of sceptics who consider Europe a loosely stitched patchwork on the brink of disintegration. On the other hand, the story of Europe can be told as a transnational success story. From this perspective, the continent is best described as the site of a peaceful and pervasive quest for unifying ideas, common ideals, and shared cultural values.

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