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Centre of expertise iGOR

Faculty of Economics and Business
Corporate Responsibility Ons aanbod

Our advice

The world is changing. Are you keeping up with the times?

How does the world around you look upon the activities which you are responsible for as a business, governmental organisation or NGO? What do you personally do to create the desired perception? Does the Corporate Responsibility theme require a proactive policy and will your investment pay off at some point? These are relevant questions in an ever-changing world where not changing with it in time may turn out to be disastrous.

iGOR Centre of Expertise conducts research, shares knowledge and provides advice and support in varied cases of Corporate Responsibility issues:

  • We identify and assess the ever-changing perception in society of the roles and responsibilities of companies and public institutions
  • We conduct research into effective ways of dealing with various stakeholders and document best practices
  • Our research-based knowledge can be a valuable factor when drawing up strategies and plans for change
  • Our skills and expertise and knowledge of best practices is instrumental in making appointments with local communities and fostering support and mutual commitment (shared value)
  • We specifically conduct research into the role played by NOGs
  • We share knowledge and provide support in global issues such as collaboration with employers' organisations; cross-border employment practices; how to act effectively pertaining to cross-border corruption risks and integrity issues; facilities for the removal of (chemical) waste, etc
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