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Centre of expertise iGOR

Faculty of Economics and Business
Institute for Governance and Organizational Responsibility (iGOR)Corporate Reporting

Corporate Reporting

Scientifically viewed, tested by practical experience

Society demands governments, companies and not-for-profit organisations to be transparent. Besides that, digitisation forces them to be transparent, because hacks and leaks are the order of the day and can destroy reputations. Organisations which make serious and systematic efforts to be transparent gain social respect and create added value. Where do you stand? Which social and moral values are driving you to make your conduct transparent to everyone? What resources will you be able to use in that connection and which guidelines and frameworks are relevant and suitable for use? We're only at the threshold. With the help of our centre of expertise iGOR (institute for Governance and Organizational Responsibility) you will continue to be connected with all the appropriate developments and available knowledge. Together, we'll examine what is advisable for you and test the outcomes by practical experience.

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