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Our projects

According to various best practice stipulations in the governance codes, supervisory boards would be well advised to perform an annual self-assessment. Giving an opinion about each other and searching for areas of improvement is a sensitive process. Research on the dynamics within boards is a priority area at iGOR. The effectiveness of a board's operation is crucial for the quality of the supervision which it carries out. The research is closely connected with one of our products as described in What we have on offer .

Board research
Boardresearch helps supervisory boards with their annual self-assessment and provides supervisory boards with insight into group processes, mutual relations, and behaviour and culture inside the boardroom using an online questionnaire. Our mission is to support self-assessments carried out by supervisory boards based on scientifically validated findings and to contribute to knowledge development in the field of culture and behaviour inside the boardroom. See also Boardresearch .org .

Compliance research
We have a great deal of experience on offer in research on compliance with governance codes commissioned by the Monitoring Commissie Corporate Governance, which has had the duty of promoting the timeliness and workability of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code since 2013.

Pension fund research
This research focusses on the interaction between members of the boards of administrators of Dutch pension funds and its effects on how these funds perform financially.

Cross-border Corporate Governance Code stocktaking
Cross-border research on the latest trends and developments in the Corporate Governance Codes in a large number of countries within and outside Europe.

Annual top-50 list of the most influential supervisory board members in the Netherlands
Commissioned by Managementscope, we compile this list every year.

Study into compliance with the Corporate Governance Code 2004-2010
Research commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs on compliance with the best practices as set out in a succession of Corporate Governance Codes. Quantification of compliance per publicly-listed enterprise based on their Annual Reports creates a quantitative picture of the way in which publicly-listed companies observe code provisions. When collecting the data, a close look was taken at the degree to which companies use the 'comply or explain ' option. The results show that the Code is applied elaborately on a large scale.

Study into performance of pension fund boards (2009)
Conducted at the initiative of Montea. This study focussed on what is going on in the boardroom and what the impact is of governance processes and the cooperation between board members on director performance and performance of the organisation as a whole. In that connection, a number of specific behavioural characteristics were considered, including dealing with conflicts and controversies, the degree of reflection on one's own performance, exchange of information, the existence of informal subgroups within the board and mutual confidence within the group. Significant outcomes of this study were: (1) there is a positive correlation between demographic fault lines between the factions and competitive conflict management; and (2) the negative effect of demographic fault lines between factions on board performance is mitigated by the degree of self-reflection within the board.

Study: International Context of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code - 2015 (Reggy)
Research in the interest of the Monitoring Commissie, commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and for the purpose of outlining the latest developments in Corporate Governance Codes abroad. The research report shows that while, in a number of ways, the Dutch code is more advanced than codes in other countries, it needs to be updated in some other ways.

Top-100 list of supervisory board members in the Netherlands 2010-2012
Conducted at the initiative of Managementscope. A compilation of the annual list of the most recent members of the Boards of Supervisory Directors and Boards of Directors of the 100 largest companies in the Netherlands, based on manually collected data. Based on the importance of (double) functions of a person, that person's weight is calculated. The Top-100 is an annual tradition.

Top-100 list of corporate women in the Netherlands 2010-2012
Conducted at the initiative of Managementscope. A compilation of the annual list of female directors based on manually collected data regarding the composition of the Boards of Supervisory Directors and Boards of Directors of the 100 largest companies in the Netherlands. Points are assigned based on the importance of the positions and the total numbers per person. The Top-100 is an annual tradition.

Transparency Benchmark
The Transparency Benchmark comprises an annual study into the contents and quality of social reporting by Dutch companies. With the help of the Transparency Benchmark, companies compete for 'The Crystal' (De Kristal), a prominent award in the field of corporate social reporting. Participants gain knowledge about (corporate) social reporting criteria and insight into areas of improvement and they can find out their scores in comparison with other companies within and outside their own industry. Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the research is conducted by EY (Ernst & Young) in collaboration with iGOR.

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