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Centre of expertise iGOR

Faculty of Economics and Business
Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Objective answers to complex issues

On a regular basis, we hear news about cases of failing governance and supervision. That is why the functioning of supervisors is under debate. Politics is waking up, the general public is expressing a pronounced opinion. The complex corporate governance field is very much in a state of flux, both in the private and in the public and semi-public sector. What best practices are there? Should they be legally embedded? If so, what side-effects could there be? What practices could rather be set out in a voluntary code? Questions are also raised behind the closed doors of boardrooms. Are we doing all right? What could be improved? What do people expect from us? What are the risks? And to what extent will I be accountable? RUG scientists associated with iGOR have explicitly focussed on these issues for many years. Our aim? To bring about synergy between practice and science in a concerted effort.

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