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Prof. Dr Hans van Ees

Hans van Ees is Professor of Corporate Governance and Institutions at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen and Dean of the University College Groningen. His research concerns comparative corporate governance, public interest governance, decision-making processes in boards of supervisory directors and sustainability issues relating to corporate governance. His advisory services involve subjects such as good governance, effective handling of good governance codes, effectiveness of supervision and advice, sustainability and corporate governance and stakeholders governance. He is also an associate editor of the international magazine Corporate governance: An international review and a member of the editorial board of the Dutch Corporate Governance yearbook.

Dr Halit Gonenc

Halit Gonenc is a research fellow at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. His research interests are empirical corporate governance and corporate finance, social responsibility, ownership structure, capital structure, merger and acquisitions, international and emerging markets governance and finance. His expertise is in the relationship between corporate governance structure of family firms in and outside of Europe and financial or social consequences.

Prof. Dr Niels Hermes

Niels Hermes is Professor of International Finance with a particular focus on Corporate Governance issues. He has extensive experience with the latest scientific and practical supervision issues and with applied research in this field. Currently, he is mainly interested in balancing short- and long-term business objectives and in how supervisory boards/councils in private as well as public and semi-public enterprises are composed. In addition to his many management positions within the University of Groningen, Niels is a Visiting Professor at the Solvay Business School in Brussels.

Dr Reggy Hooghiemstra

Reggy Hooghiemstra was employed by PricewaterhouseCoopers for a short period of time. Since 1998, he has been active in science as an Associate Professor. His expertise is mainly in the field of the operation of supervisory boards, the way in which businesses communicate with their stakeholders, the way in which businesses handle best practice codes, and international aspects in the field of reporting. He is also involved in .

Floor Rink is professor of Organizational Behavior at the HR department at the Faculty of Economics and Business, with the task to explain economic and organizational issues on the basis of psychological theories. Her central research themes focus on social situations in which intra- and intergroup relationships play a role, such as responses to diversity, ethical decision-making & governance and the effects of status differences on cooperatives.

Rieneke Slager is Rosalind Franklin Fellow / Assistant Professor in International Business at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. Her research focusses on the governance of responsible corporate behaviour in a broad sense. She has particular expertise in the area of Responsible Investment, having studied shareholder engagement processes as well as the construction and use of metrics in responsible investment, often working in collaboration with companies and third party organisations.  

Hanny Schutte-Veenstra is a professor in Corporate Law with a joint appointment with the Law Faculty and the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. Her research focusses on general corporate law and more specifically on international and European company law. Spearheads are the EU-right of establishment, creditor protection, EU and national legal forms of the enterprise, corporate governance, and national and cross-border restructuring (merger, demerger and conversion).

Kees van Veen operates on the interface between practice and science . He has vast experience with research on management issues, both within the university and for third parties. He has many different personal and academic interests which range from Corporate Governance codes with so-called best practices, the composition of boards, including internationalisation, the recruitment of new members, board dynamics and self-assessments to remuneration issues, e.g. the WNT, and cross-border old boys' networks.

Besides his expertise in applied and fundamental research, Kees van Veen has extensive experience in the fields of training and education.

Dr Dennis Veltrop

Dennis Veltrop obtained his doctorate at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Groningen. Currently, he is an Associate Professor. He co-founded and is the driving force of . In addition, Dennis has a research position at De Nederlandse Bank. His work focusses on the operation of supervisory boards/councils, with a particular focus on the composition of these boards and their dynamics, including diversity. Dennis has extensive experience in facilitating boards/councils to evaluate themselves, which is one of his research interests.

Prof. Dick de Waard RA MA

Dick de Waard is Professor of Auditing at the University of Groningen. He specialises in Corporate Reporting issues, in particular, reporting on non-financial information. He obtained his doctorate with a thesis on Corporate Governance and sustainability. Currently, he is in charge of the research on the implementation of the extensive audit opinion which must be included in reporting provided by listed companies in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Dick previously worked for EY Accountants for 35 years.

Dr Theo Postma (external member)

Theo Postma is a researcher and publicist in the field of Corporate Governance.

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