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Faculty of Economics and Business
Institute for Governance and Organizational Responsibility (iGOR)About us

Our expertise

Curious and innovative

Supervisors operate in a dynamic field of practice where responsibilities are shifting and interests often collide. They are confronted with immense challenges and huge social problems. Our Institute for Governance and Organizational Responsibility iGOR conducts scientific research which focusses on the current dynamics. What is it that drives us? It is our curiosity to know the effectiveness of existing practices and the opportunities for improvement and innovation. What is fine? What could be improved? That is what we aim to know. Do you?

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Our expertise focusses on three key areas:

Corporate Governance

Any supervisory board/council is faced with in-house quality issues. Are we performing properly? Is there any room for improvement? How do we increase the diversity of our board/council? iGOR conducts research on these issues and provides a range of options and services which facilitate professionalisation further.

Corporate Reporting

There is a mounting call for transparency. Politics and the general public demand that organisations take full account of their activities and the impact which these have on society and the future. Ongoing IT applications, the risk of hacks and leakages and of being slammed on social media increasingly forces them to be open. Accounting policies no longer suffice. The question arises what culture and vision are hidden behind the figures and what their meaning is for the long term. By conducting scientific research and participating in numerous projects, iGOR is instrumental in providing knowledge which offers cues for comprehensive reporting which meets today's and tomorrow's requirements.

Corporate Responsibility

Nowadays, many boards struggle with the question where organisational responsibilities begin and end. When public resources are concerned, this question has a local or a national aspect. To an ever greater degree, though, private organisations must also factor in responsibilities which are additional to the immediate stakeholders. The environment, child labour, fair trade, the whole world is watching. iGOR conducts scientific research on developments and best practices in corporate responsibility and translates the outcomes into practice.

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