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Learning Communities of iGOR

Learning Communities within RUG

Within the learning environment and learning experience of the RUG, high quality education is key. High quality education however is more than knowledge-transfer between the docent and the student; commitment, engagement and social interaction with each other and the field of expertise, also have a very positive effect on the education quality and the satisfaction of the student and the docent. Learning communities are one of the methods developed, to incorporate these values.

Learning Communities are innovative education methods within the FEB, and the RUG. An interdisciplinary approach to explore new ideas developed through research, discussed in networks, thought of by students or personal engagement. It creates a possibility for academic staff, students, businesses, alumni and other experts to work together in an unstructured environment. The focus is on experimenting, exploring, develop knowledge and skills, and engaging with society. Learning Communities (LC) usually last one semester. More information on learning communities >>

Learning communities supported by iGOR:

For the field of Governance and Organizational Responsibility, iGOR supports now three learning communities to broaden the experience for our students, and to increase the commitment and social interactions with the field.

Integrated Reporting for Small and Medium Enterprises

The lc ‘Integrated Reporting for Small and Medium Enterprises’ focuses on the conceptualization of the idea that value is made up out of more than financial capital alone and that organizations should report about the use of all capital that is involved in the value creation of their business. The learning community will make the students acquainted with the relative innovative form of external reporting by applying the Integrated Reporting method.

This learning community was offered in the fall of 2019.

The web page about the learning community Integrated Reporting for Small and Medium Enterprises is no longer available.

Nickel mining in Papua New Guinee

The learning communities ‘Nickel Mining in Papua New Guinee’ and ‘Profits and Groninger Earthquakes’ fall under the topic ‘Social Impact Analyses on Global Investments’. These learning communities focuses on the ‘other’ effects on stakeholders than the financial gains, when making investment decisions. Many investments have hidden costs for other stakeholders as companies ‘externalize’ these costs to the outside world.

With the lc ‘Nickel mining in Papua New Guinee’, the aim is to develop a teaching case, which can be used for training purposes within and outside the business school curricula.

This learning communities will be offered again in the near future.

The web page about the the learning community Nickel Mining in Papua New Guinee is no longer available.

Profits and Groninger Earthquakes, a Business Case on Social Impact

With the lc ‘Profits and Groninger Earthquakes’, the aim is to map the chain of events related to the Groninger earthquakes, analyze the social impacts and develop ideas about alternative approaches. This will evaluate into a business case, which can be used at other universities to teach about Social Impact Assessment in general.

This learning communities will be offered again in the near future.

The web age about the learning community Profits and Groninger Earthquakes is no longer available.

Start a learning community

Above-mentioned learning communities are three examples of what we can offer for students, researches and businesses alike. Other topics to explore through a learning community, within the Governance and Organizational Responsibility field, are welcome. Please contact Marjan van Ittersum (a.g.t.van.ittersum-leegte at FEB’s Career Services for ideas and more information.

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