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Centre of expertise iGOR

Faculty of Economics and Business
About us

What is iGOR?

Expert knowledge of supervision and reporting

iGOR's expertise

The Institute for Governance and Organizational Responsibility iGOR is a Centre of Expertise based at the University of Groningen. It unites scientific researchers who have an interest in and expert knowledge of the operation of supervisory boards, supervisory councils, oversight bodies and boards of control in light of the major social challenges which they face. These challenges are closely connected with the shifting responsibilities which private, public and semi-public organisations have towards their stakeholders and society.

Supervisory boards/councils are faced with the question how they can translate these responsibility shifts and changes when dealing with directors. There are also in-house questions about these boards/councils, though. What board composition is best? How do you weigh the interests of other parties? How important is diversity within the board/council and how do you give teeth to it by selecting the right members?

Meeting social expectations

Supervision of organisations is in full motion. Supervisors are closely scrutinised; society and politics have a critical attitude and sharpen their expectations with regard to supervisory board performance.

What is the role of the 'new supervisor'? What responsibilities, risks and remuneration structures are involved? What does the law say and what impact does the new Corporate Governance Code have? Based on substantiated scientific research, iGOR gathers data on best practices in Corporate Governance and on the course organisations and supervisors can take. This research pays utmost attention to practical applications in business practice and the public sector. Recognised researchers who are specifically interested and experienced in the dynamic world of Good Governance vouch for the pieces of information, knowledge and insights which we'd like to share.

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