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Centre of expertise iGOR

Faculty of Economics and Business
Institute for Governance and Organizational Responsibility (iGOR)

Expert knowledge of Corporate Governance and reporting

The Institute for Governance and Organizational Responsibility (i GOR) unifies academics from the University of Groningen who are interested in issues with regard to developments in corporate governance.

We are driven by the urge to know how effective existing governance practices are, which new (inter)national developments can be observed and what the answers to future issues might be. We focus on three themes: Corporate Governance, Corporate Responsibility & Corporate Reporting. Our ambition is to set in motion a healthy synergy between science and practice.

Do you want to join the discussion or propose a relevant issue? Please contact us.

Blog iGOR

Summer school on Corporate Governance: 8 - 12 July 2019
Date:25 March 2019
A summer school on ‘Corporate Governance’ is meant to further develop research skills for researchers in this area. The summer school will take place between July 8th and July 12th of 2019 at the University of Groningen and will be taught by leading experts in the field of Corporate Governance. Join now!
Seminar on the ‘Added Value of Stewardship’ took place on March, 5 of 2019
Date:07 March 2019

Two days ago iGOR hosted a seminar on ‘The added value of effective stewardship’. Marian Hogeslag (partner at DoubleDividend) reflected on shareholder engagement and active ownership. Tjerk Huysinga (executive vice president investor relations at Royal Dutch...

FEB Alumni Network event 'Sustainable Reporting'
Date:23 November 2018

The Paris climate agreement is urgent. The social impact firms make has to be expressed in monetary terms. But who has been reading all these ‘transparent reports’ already? Who are the real stakeholders? For what purposes do they use these transparent reports?...

Summerschool 2017: Corporate Governance and Board effectiveness
Date:17 August 2016

iGOR is organising a summer school in august 2017 which aims to bring together international researchers with an interest in the functioning of boards.

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Learning communities of iGOR

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