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Ongoing studies

We are involved in research projects related to families with multiple and complex problems, and vulnerable children in particular, at a local, regional, national and international level. Below are a few examples of studies at the various levels:


In collaboration with Wij Groningen research is being conducted into aftercare programs for women who have left the intramural women's shelter. We want to know how the women experienced the transition and what they believe to be the bottlenecks and success factors.

Executive researcher: Robyn Groenewegen (MA-studuent). Supervision: Jana Knot-Dickscheit


Arjen van Assen is conducting research as part of his PhD project in the three northern provinces and in cooperation with the Salvation Army into the intervention of Child and Youth Coaching for children in families with multiple and complex problems. He focuses on the question to what extent and under what circumstances this intervention is effective in improving the life situation of children and young people.

Supervisor: Wendy Post & Co-promotor Jana Knot-Dickscheit


Daniëlle Jansen is consortium leader of the project Severe Parenting Problems and Multi-problem Families, funded by ZonMw, (number: 729300016). The focus of this study into eight interventions for families with severe parenting problems and families with multiple and complex problems lies on the identification of effective elements, i.e. elements that contribute to the effectiveness of the interventions. Jana Knot-Dickscheit is involved in the project as a collaboration partner. Loraine Visscher is a PhD researcher in this project.


Daniëlle Jansen is project leader of the international study into increasing the vaccination coverage among minorities and ethnic communities in Europe. The project is funded by the EU programme Horizon 2020.

The Explanatory Analysis: A common 'working theory' for complex care issues:

Explanatory Analysis (VA) [verklarende analyse] is widely used in youth care. Sometimes it seems like the solution to all problems. At the same time, there is a lot of confusion about the meaning of Explanatory Analysis. We all use different terms and there are different views on when a VA is necessary. In every youth care pathway? Or only in complicated problems and complex care requests? And what is the difference between a VA and a demand or problem analysis? Finally, there are various tools professionals can use, such as work cards, online tools and fill-in forms.

With this story, at least in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe, we try to answer some of these questions and guide professionals, as well as parents and young people, through all this information. This story is also the basis for research into the application, quality and experiences of and with the VA in practice.

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