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Additional requirements for students with a completed propaedeutic exam at college level

You don't have a VWO diploma, but you do have a hbo-propedeuse or a completed hbo and you want to do the Bachelor's degree in Pedagogical Sciences, Psychology or Sociology? That is possible!

* also applies in the case of a completed hbo.

To apply for one of our Bachelor's programs in Pedagogical Sciences, Psychology, or Sociology with a propaedeutic certificate, you'll need to demonstrate sufficient prior knowledge at VWO-6 level through one or more supplementary exams. On this page, you'll find detailed information about these additional prior education requirements, how to fulfil them, and the necessary steps to take.

Further prior education requirements

Bachelor's degree Programme

Previous education requirements (VWO level)



Pedagogical Sciences




Exemption from additional prior education requirements

If you believe that you meet the further educational requirements, apart from the above-mentioned entrance examinations, you may request an exemption for one or more subjects. You can submit your request by emailing and attaching the relevant certificates you have obtained to support your exemption request.

For more information on the English language exemption, please see this page.

Admission exams

Since the 2023-2024 academic year, the admissions committee has not been taking any admission exams . You can now take entrance exams from the institutions specified below. Please note that admission exams from other institutions will not be accepted. It is your own responsibility to prepare for and apply to these exams indepently.


Accepted certificates*


CCVX , Boswell-Bèta instituut , Korteweg-de Vries Instituut voor Wiskunde

Both math a and math b are accepted.


IELTS (academic), TOEFL IBT (internet-based), Cambridge English (see table below for the rquired scores on these different exams).  For the IELTS (academic) and TOEFL IBT, the 'home edition' will also be accepted.

Please note that the exam scores should not be older than two years (except Cambridge).

* Various 'pass criteria' are employed for the exams. Please see the table below for these specific criteria.

Engels IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge

Score →

Test ↓




IELTS (Academic)









Cambridge English

Cambridge C1 Advanced or Cambridge C2 Proficiency

C, B, A

In addition, VWO certificates from accredited institutions in the Netherlands are also approved. VWO sub-certificates (also for English proficiency) can also be acquired at an institution of secondary education for the respective subject. In the Groningen region, these certificates are obtainable at Alfa College or Luzac College. Alternatively, you can potentially prepare for a Staatsexamen through distance learning programs, such as LOI, NTI or NHA. Please note that you can apply for Staatsexamen until 31 December.


Each application is carefully assessed by the Admissions Committee for Bachelor's programmes. See below for the specific procedures applicable to each programme.


  1. Submit your application via Studielink before January 15th; this application serves as a request for enrollment.

  2. Within four weeks, you will receive a letter containing detailed information regarding the additional education requirements and instructions on fulfilling them. If you are required to take an additional exam for any of the specified subjects, you must upload the certificate or diploma by July 15th. The information letter will outline the procedure for this.

  3. Upon uploading the certificate or diploma, it will be assessed within four weeks to determine if you meet the additional education requirements. You will be notified of the outcome accordingly. You can consult the Student Portal to review any additional steps required for admission and enrollment. The Student Information and Administration Department (SIA) will also provide regular updates via email regarding any further steps you need to take. Once you fulfil all requirements, you will receive a declaration of enrollment from SIA.

➢ If you're applying for Psychology, participation in the selection procedure is mandatory.
➢ The deadline for submitting certificates is July 15th. Since it is possible to be allocated a place after July 15th, it is important to obtain and submit the required certificates before the deadline.

If you would like to request an extension for submitting certificates, you can do so until July 15. Please fill out the following form to do so. You will be given an extension until August 20. However, do not submit this request before July 1, unless you are certain before then that you will not be able to upload the certificates in time.
Please note:

Pedagogical Sciences and/or Sociology

  1. Apply before May 1st via Studielink; this application is a request for enrolment.
  1. You will receive a letter within four weeks containing detailed information about the additional education requirements and instructions on fulfilling them. If you require an additional exam for any of the mentioned subjects, you must upload the certificate or diploma by August 31st*. The information letter will guide this process.

  2. To see what further steps regarding admission and registration you need to take, consult the Student Portal. Additionally, the Student Information and Administration Department (SIA) will also provide regular updates via email regarding these steps. You will receive a declaration of enrollment from SIA upon meeting all conditions.

*The earlier you submit this, the sooner we can finalize your application.


Do you have any questions? Feel free to mail to toelatingstoetsen.gmw

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