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About selection

... for the bachelor's programme Psychology 2024-2025

Selection procedure

The University of Groningen has a numerus fixus for the bachelor's programme in Psychology. This means that only a limited number of students can be admitted. We have a maximum of 600 places available, which are assigned through a selection procedure.
The department utilizes this selection procedure in order to admit the most suitable and best motivated students. At the same time it provides the opportunity to discover whether Psychology is indeed the right programme for you. We welcome you to take part in the selection procedure.

You can find all relevant information below, watch the animation 'In short how selection works' and see how students experienced the selection procedure in the following video.

Please note
For any questions concerning admission based on foreign prior education, including inquiries about diplomas or language certificates, please contact the Admissions Office. You can find the contact details below.

About the selection procedure

Selection is based on 2 criteria:

  1. Motivation
    In order to participate in the selection procedure all candidates will have to write a motivation letter in which you indicate why you would like to study Psychology in Groningen. The main goal of writing the letter is to make sure your choice for Psychology is a well considered choice. We will assess whether you have taken the writing of your motivation letter seriously enough, i.e. that you actually describe why you want to study Psychology. In this way we will verify that your application is serious. It also provides an opportunity for essential reflection on your choice. The specific content of the motivation letter will not be taken into account in the selection process, the selection test will be used for this purpose.
  2. Selection Test
    The selection test will give you a realistic idea of what the study programme has to offer and what it expects of you. It includes studying representative literature and a video lecture, on which you will be tested by means of three online multiple choice tests. This so-called curriculum sampling provides a good indication of study performance in the first-year (and long term) and hence helps us select the best students.

Please note that previous education or grades are not taken into consideration during the selection process.

Application and admission procedure (upload motivation letter)

1. Apply at Studielink 1 October 2023 - 15 January 2024

Studielink is the central registration platform for higher education in the Netherlands ( Within Studielink you can select either the Dutch or the English programme. Please make sure that you select 1 September as the starting date, otherwise you might encounter problems during the application process. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Check admissibility by University of Groningen
After your application in Studielink, your admissibility for the Psychology programme is checked by the University of Groningen.
For holders of non-Dutch qualification(s); once the Admissions Office has processed your application file, you will hear from them within six weeks. If you are admissible to the programme, you will be requested to send certified copies of your high school qualification to the Admissions Office by the required closing date.

For general information and information on the Admission procedure, please check the pages for Dutch students / international students.
Please note: As of the academic year 2023-2024 all applicants with a non-Dutch qualification will have to pay an application fee.

2. Upload motivation letter 1 October 2023 - 25 January 2024

Write a motivation letter in which you indicate why you would like to study Psychology in Groningen. From 1 October until 25 January you can upload your motivation letter (1500 characters, approx. 250 words). When you have uploaded the letter successfully, you should receive a confirmation email. By submitting your motivation letter, you are automatically registered for participation in the selection tests.

3. Selection Test (online) 9 March 2024, 09:00 - 21.00 CET

The selection test will take place on Saturday 9 March 2024, between 09:00 and 21:00 CET.  You can choose the moment for taking the test yourself. The selection test takes place online, so it can be taken from any location. Read more in the block 'About the selection test' below.

4. Ranking number & admission

The result of your test, in comparison to the results of other participants, determines your ranking number and thus the chance of admission.

On April 15, 2024 you will receive your ranking number via Studielink. You will be offered a place (rank numbers 1-600) or placed on the waiting list (rank numbers above 600). Places can still be offered until August 31. To keep the offered place, you must accept it within two weeks.

Shortly after April 15, you will receive more information about your personal results, rank number and how to proceed

About the selection test (practical information)

9 March 2024
9:00 - 21.00 CET
You can decide when to take the test (duration approx. 3 hours including breaks).

Online (from any location)

Three multiple choice tests:
Introduction to Psychology - 40 questions - 45 minutes
Social Psychology - 30 questions - 35 minutes
Statistics - 16 questions - 45 minutes

The selection test will be administered through our University’s Student Portal (Brightspace). Beginning of March, you will receive the necessary (login) details to access the selection test on 9 March.

Please note
In order to access the Student Portal, you need to activate your student account. Shortly after your registration with Studielink, you should have received your UG student number and UG email address to set up your account. If you haven't received these details, please contact Student Information & Administration asap.

Practice environment
To familiarize yourself with the way the test is administered, you will be provided access to a practice environment. This environment includes general information, instructions on how to take a test in Brightspace, and a brief practice test. The practice test replicates the format of the actual test only. Sample tests to practice with the study material will not be provided.

You must ensure to have the essential hardware and a reliable internet connection for the test. We recommend taking the test on a laptop/computer. The use of phone, iPad, or tablet is not recommended, as we cannot guarantee that everything will function properly on these devices.
Please ensure thorough preparation, for example also verifying that the automatic translation setting is disabled.

Additional time
It is possible to receive additional time in case of AD(H)D, dyslexia or other functional limitations. You will be given 10 minutes extra per subtest.

You can request additional time by sending a request to, before 25 January, accompanied by an official medical statement from an authorized person or organization.

The selection test is an open-book exam. To perform well in the selection test however, we highly recommend thoroughly studying the material.

Preparing for the selection test (studymaterial)


Introduction to Psychology
Psychological Science (7th ed.) Norton (Phelps, Berkman, & Gazzaniga). Chapter 2 Research Methodology and Chapter 4 Consciousness

Social psychology
Psychological Science (7th ed.) Norton (Phelps, Berkman, & Gazzaniga). Chapter 12 Social Psychology
Also watch the lecture Social Psychology by dr Wim Meerholz. To view subtitles, disable Closed Captions (CC) and choose your preferred language in the settings. See here for the missing PPT slides covering minutes 44-51.

Introduction to the practice of statistics (10th edition) (Moore, McCabe, Craig). Chapter 1 Looking at Data-Distributions 1.1 -1.4. During the test you will need Table ‘A-Standard Normal Probabilities’. This table is accessible in the online resources, the practice environment, and will also be provided via email.

Free access to Chapter 1 is given until February 28th. After this date, you can only purchase additional access. For more information see link

The specific chapters can be accessed by clicking on the respective links.

General Tips on studying for the selecton test

  • You are expected to understand the theory and be able to apply this.
  • You are expected to memorize relevant definitions and formulas and be able to apple these/make calculations with them
  • We do not offer extra study material, practice questions or past selection tests. Serious study of the study material should suffice.
  • We do provide the opportunity to become familiar with the way the test is administered. By the end of February 2024, you will be given access to the test environment and a short practice test.
  • The use of a simple calculator (NOT graphical calculator) for the Statistics test is allowed.
Dates and deadlines

In the table below you will find a brief overview of the most important steps and crucial deadlines. Keep to these deadlines, exceeding them will result in exclusion from the selection procedure.

Apply through Studielink
1 Oct 2023 - 15 Jan 2024
Upload motivation letter
1 Oct 2023 - 25 Jan 2024
Deadline request extra time
25 Jan 2024
Information on the selection procedure
and selection test
email from UG
Shortly after 15 Jan 2024
Webinar selection test (upon complete application)
invite beginning February

20 Feb 2024
16.00 - 17.00

Selection test
9 Mar 2024
09.00 - 21.00 CET
Receive ranking number
email from Studielink
15 Apr 2024
Information on outcome selection test
and ranking number
email from UG
Ultimately 19 Apr 2023
Final date to be
offered a place
31 Aug 2024


Do you have questions about the

Would you like to know something about studying Psychology from a student expert by experience? You can email prospectives.bss

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