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Faculty Council Spatial Sciences

The Faculty Council is the official representative advisory body of the Faculty. By their right of consent and/or right of recommendation the Faculty Council has a hold on teaching and education programmes, research, the budget, staffing policy, faculty finance, health and safety regulations, housing and organisational change. The Board needs the Council's consent in sections of the Education and Exam Regulations (OER) and faculty regulations. In all other issues it has the right to make recommendations.

The Faculty Council of Spatial Sciences has ten members. Five members are elected from among the staff (appointed for 2 years) and five members are elected from among the students (appointed for 1 year).The Presidium of the Faculty Council consists of the chair (one of the staff representatives) and the vice chair (one of the student representatives). The Council strives after a constructively critical attitude.

The term begins on 1 September of the year in which the elections for the section in question have taken place. The elections for the Faculty Council are organized in accordance with the RUG Electoral Regulations. The Council meets about six times per year and the membership is open to all staff.

This academic year (2023/2024) the Faculty Council consists of the following members:

Gwenda van der Vaart (chair)

Jovan van den Berk

Dimitris Ballas

Paulo Cigarro

Saskia Enuma

Timothy Laukens

Annet Kempenaar

Diana Velea

Gunnar Mallon

Zeqiang Pan

See the minutes of the Faculty Council meetings.

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