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Registration, money and other practical matters

Grants & funds
  1. For extraordinary circumstances (top sport, committee work, illness and other difficult personal circumstances/force majeure).
    If you suffer from study delay due to extraordinary circumstances, you may be eligible for special arrangements, funds or grants, such as financial support from the Graduation Fund. This fund also provides top sport grants, committee grants and other financial support.
    Study delay website
    The ‘Financial matters’  page on the RUG website provides a brief overview of matters such as financial aid in special circumstances.
  2. For study, internship or research abroad
    The ‘Grants’  page on our studying abroad website contains a specific overview of possibilities for financial support for studying abroad.
    The Nuffic Beursopener website is intended for students, researchers and staff members who want to study, do an internship or conduct research abroad and who are looking for grants and funds to finance their plans.

Tuition fees and other study costs

In addition to tuition fees, studying also entails other costs, for textbooks, readers, etc. These costs are determined annually in the RUG pricing policy. In addition, you will incur costs of living, including accommodation, insurance, food and drink, clothing, going out, sports, culture, etc., which vary per person.
The ‘Financial Matters’ page on the RUG website provides a brief overview of matters such as study costs.

Approval of Bachelor’s / Master’s study programme

Your study programme must be approved before you can round off your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme. You will have to do this yourself! You apply for approval via ProgRESS WWW. More detailed information can be found on the Student Portal: approval of Bachelor programme, approval of Master programme.

Student grants

Registration and deregistration

Student Information and Administration

Course and exam registration

(see the Student Handbook)

You must be registered via ProgressWWW for all the courses and examinations you want to take. See the regulations and deadlines on our Student Portal page.

Requesting exemptions

(see also the Student handbook)

If you can prove that you already have the knowledge/skills taught in a specific course, for example on the basis of a HBO or university programme followed earlier, you may be eligible for an exemption for this course. In order to qualify for an exemption, both the content and the size (i.e. the number of ECTS credits) of the relevant course must match a course or a combination of courses that you have passed in your previous degree programme.
Please use this form for requesting an exemption. The form also contains further instructions.

N.B.   you cannot request exemption for courses for which you have already taken an exam at our faculty. Also : If you take an exam for a course from which you have been exempted, your exemption will be cancelled!

Please note: Exemptions are stated as ‘VR’ on the marks list, which is the equivalent of a mark of 6. The ECTS credits for such a course count towards the progress requirements of the programme that you're taking at FEB.

Watch and compare: check the descriptions of the courses in the degree programme you will be following at our faculty in Ocasys or the online Student Handbooks. You know what you have already done and which courses you have already passed, so you should be able to estimate the number of courses you may get exemptions for.

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