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Student well-being and support

When you are a student, a many demands are made of you, and you can run into problems over the course of your degree programme. Your physical or mental health, your financial situation, your safety or other personal circumstances can all play a part here. It is important to take good care of these aspects of your health and well-being, as doing so will help you to enjoy your time at university.

Fortunately, you are not alone. As a UG student, you have access to the student well-being portal, which will provide you with a list of all points of contact, sources of support, and initiatives in the area of student well-being. Do you have a University of Groningen account? If so, please visit our Intranet page on student well-being.

Studying with special needs

Many students find their studies to be quite challenging. But perhaps that challenge is just a little bit greater for you. For example, because you experience barriers due to a functional impairment (disability) or illness. Or perhaps you have a caretaker’s role or, sooner or later, you want to combine your studies with top-class sport, entrepreneurship or parenthood.

Whatever extraordinary circumstances you may be experiencing and whatever support you may require, we will be happy to examine with you the options for reducing any study obstacles as much as possible.

I'm a UG student. What kind of support can I expect?

Are you a student and running into (study) problems or are you struggling with something and would like to talk to someone about it? Do you need help with your health or mental well-being? Do you have questions about your studies or university? We would be happy to help you on your way.

In this infographic you will find a visual overview of the most important general contact points within the UG, where you can get help or ask questions. Please note that there may be minor differences between faculties.

I'm going to study at the UG soon. What preparations can I make in advance?

Better safe than sorry. If you need care or support, it is important that you have the right health insurance. Offered care will only only covered if you are insured. In the Netherlands, the GP is the first point of contact if you need care. You go to the GP with your healthcare question and he or she refers you to the right type of support and/or healthcare provider. This is why it is important to register with a GP who is in your area.

Prepare well:

I have a functional impairment (disability), (chronic) illness or other type of support question. How can the UG help me?

Are you a (prospective) student with a disability, a (chronic) illness or another type of support problem? If so, we will try to solve them with you as best we can. Study advisors, student counsellors psychologists and trainers will be happy to help you! Visit for more information.

Do you need educational or exam facilities? BA and MA students can visit their study advisor for facilities, exchange students can contact their exchange coordinator.

I’m concerned about someone who is studying at the University of Groningen. What can I do about it?

Perhaps you are concerned about someone who is studying at the University of Groningen. What can you do in that situation? As a first step, you could try to encourage the student in question to seek support by themselves. This infographic provides a summary of potential sources of support and can help you to identify the right person, department, or type of information. If it is difficult to get in touch with the student in question, then the study advisor for the student’s degree programme can be called in to try and make contact with them. However, because of privacy legislation, the University of Groningen is unable to share information with third parties without the consent of the student in question. Is this an emergency/crisis situation? If so, then the first point of contact is the GP.

What is the University of Groningen student well-being portal, and where can I find it?

As a University of Groningen student, the student well-being portal will provide you with a list of all points of contact, sources of support, and initiatives in the area of student well-being.

I'd to know more about the UG’s student well-being policy. Where and to whom can I go for more information?
  • In spring 2024, the UG Board adopted the action plan student well-being for the UG. This action plan describes what the UG will undertake in the coming years on the topic of student well-being.

    Would you like to obtain more information about the UG's action plan on student well-being? Then contact Aletta Westra-Hofstee, programme manager student well-being.

  • The above-mentioned action plan is based on the UG-wide vision on student well-being.

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