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Education Frequently asked questions Admission, registration and deregistration


  • What is Studielink?

    Studielink is a national application where school leavers and students or prospective students can register or reregister at a university of higher professional education or a research university.

    More information the registration procedure can be found on the Registration and enrolment page of our website.
  • Who can answer my questions about the use of Studielink?

    The most frequently asked questions and answers about the use of Studielink can be found in the digital Studielink Q&A of the Studielink website.
  • Disruptions & maintenance

    Information about disruptions and maintenance can be found on the Disruptions & maintenance page of the Studielink website.
  • Studielink step-by-step plans

    There are several instruction manuals that explain how you must use Studielink.

    An overview of these manuals can be found on the How to use Studielink? page of the Studielink website.

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