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Tissue weighting factor

The dimensionless quantity tissue weighting factor (wT) represents the fraction of health risk attributable to the specific tissue. The factors are normalized:

∑ wT = 1

organ tissue weighting factor (wT)
breast tissue 0.12
large intestine 0.12
lungs 0.12
stomach 0.12
red bone marrow 0.12
gonads 0.08
bladder 0.04
liver 0.04
thyroid 0.04
oesophagus 0.04
bone surface 0.01
brain 0.01
skin 0.01
salivary glands 0.01
remainder group 0.12

The remainder group consists of the following 13 organs: pancreas, uterus/cervix or prostate, adrenal glands, small intestine, extra thoracic region, gall bladder, heart, lymph nodes, spleen, oral mucosa, kidneys, skeletal muscle, and thymus.

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