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More information

For questions about radiation protection at the University of Groningen (RUG), you may contact the General Coordinating Expert of the RUG or the GARP secretariat.

For RUG employees, there is a website within the Intranet with practical information about working safely in a laboratory environment (logon required).

For additional general information about radiation protection, you may go to the website of the Dutch Association for Radiation Hygiene.

Radiation safety handbook

A full description of the radiation protection organization of the RUG and the rules for applying and having an Internal Authorization can be found in the Radiation Safety Handbook.

The Radiation Safety Handbook is divided into two parts. Part I consists of both a detailed explanation of the organization as well as a guideline for the workings of the SBE. Part II gives an overview of the procedures and forms that are used by the SBE.

Qualification descriptors

In 2015, the Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS) requested the field to revise the training system for Radiation Protection Officers. The bottom line of these revisions, which directly derive from the European Basic Safety Standards, is that the training for Radiation Protection Officers should be application specific.

Under menu item 'Qualification descriptors' you will find the qualification descriptors of the courses offered by GARP.

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