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Radiation protection education

Welcome to the homepage of the education department of the Groningen Academy for Radiation Protection (GARP). Here you will find the full range of courses in the field of radiation protection.

COVID-19 news

Please note that if, during the course, COVID-19 pandemic measures are taken that make it not possible to deliver the course physically, lectures and practical sessions will be offered online according to a schedule to be determined. Also, the practicals may be spread over a wider period of time.

About us

In September 2017, the Groningen Academy for Radiation Protection (GARP) was established. GARP is the knowledge center for radiation protection in the Northern Netherlands. Besides the radiation protection unit (SBE) of the University of Groningen (RUG), also the radiation protection training courses are accomodated in GARP.

The RUG has been recognized in 2015 as an institution where programs in the field of radiation protection can be followed.

New training system for supervisors

On February 6, 2018, the new Decree on Basic Safety Standards Radiation Protection came into force. In connection with this, all level 4 and level 5 courses in the Netherlands have been replaced by training as 'supervisory radiation protection employee' for a specific application. From that date on, GARP organizes training as a Radiation Protection Officer (RPO).

It should be noted that the diploma Radiation Protection Expert (RPE, level CD) gives the right to act as supervisor for all sub-areas.

Official recognition of certificates

The Authority Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection has recognized the RUG as an institute providing radiation protection courses for the levels CD (Radiation Protection Expert) and TS (Radiation Protection Officer) for the areas THK-basic (dentists and orthodontists), VRS-B, VRS-C and VRS-D (dispersible radioactive materials), MR (measurement and control applications), and MT (medical applications).

Successfully completing the examination associated with one of these courses entitles the participant to a recognized certificate.

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