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Why make your own videos?

Making videos yourself is fun and not necessarily difficult. At the least you need a camera, preferably with a stand. You can use a smartphone or a comptact videocamera (such as a CANON). There are numerous tutorials on Youtube with tips and tricks to make your own educational video. Simply put is it important that you know in advance what you want to explain and film. A written script can be a valuable asset. Besides videos you can also use animations, there are a number of applications such as Powtoon that make this readily accessible. Additionally there are online databases such as Academia and TedEx where you can find video fragments.

Making videos
Making videos

The advantages

Making videos yourself has the added benefit of control. You decide what the clip is about and what material is discussed, and more importantly how it is presented. Students can watch these videos at home and the video can be used in tests and assignments. You can also turn videos into interactive material and use them for flipped classroom. ESI provides a training for integrating the flipped-classroom model in your courses. Videos can be a welcome, activated distraction from regular material such as books and lectures.

Dependent on the subject of the video we recommend a length between 1 and 7 minutes. Recording a video in one go can be boring and difficult to get right, so you can edit the video or clear things up using additional software to add text and images. Programs such as Screenpresso and Screencast-o-matic allow you to use your webcam to record a video that integrates your computer or laptop's screen into the video.

Would you like to take a more professional approach? FEB and the AV Services Arts/Law have studios for rent with professional equipment. While their own students and staff get priority you can make a reservation during free moments. For more information please contact or

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