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Frequently asked questions


In case of an emergency during a recording you can contact our emergy phone at 050 363 2200.

Problems with publishing videos

1. Why is my video not appearing in Nestor?
This can have multiple causes. First of all make sure there is a P2Go list or P2Go item available in the Nestor course. If this is not the case you need to make a P2Go List or P2Go Item first. If one of these is already present then it is possible the video does not contain the correct metadata. In this case you should contact us (tel: 050 363 8282 or email

2. How do I publish a selection of videos rather than all of them?
You will need to create a P2Go Item rather than a P2Go List for this.

3. How do I remove a video?
Rules for removing a video differ per faculty. For more information you can contact the video coordinator of your faculty. (see Who can help me?).

4. Why am I unable to play the video lectures?
After a lecture has been recorded it has to be transcoded to a suitable format first to ensure that the recording is compatible with every browser. In extreme situations this transcoding can take up to 12 hours. If you want to watch the lecture immediately after it was taught try playing the recording in Internet Explorer.

5. Can I make a video available at a later moment?
Yes, this is possible. When creating a P2Go Item or List in Nestor it is possible to add time restrictions. For example you can choose to make the recording available during a shorter period (such as a week), or starting 2 weeks before the exam.

6. Can I make recordings available for a limited number of students?
Yes, using a so-called 'Adaptive Release' you can give different students or groups access to a P2Go List or item. Only these students or students who are member of the specific group(s) are able to access the recordings.

7. How long does it take before a recording becomes available in Nestor?
A recording will appear on Nestor within 10 minutes after the lecture has ended. However initially only Internet Explorer is able to play the video. Only after a couple of hours (in extreme cases up to 12 hours) will other browsers such as Chrome or Safari be able to play the video.

Other questions

Is your question not answered by the FAQ? Then please contact the video services (tel: 050 363 8282 or email: If your problem concerns a lecture recording please always mention the course code and date in your email to avoid confusion.

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