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How do I use lecture recording?

Before the lecture

In order to have your lecture recorded you need to contact your scheduler. They will try to schedule your lecture in a room that has the necessary equipment to automatically record lectures. The only thing left for you to do is collect a microfoon from the reception desk, turn it on and teach your lecture. For your powerpoints or other visual material you need to use the computer in the room (the so called presentation workspace). This computer's screen will also be recorded and added to the video for students to see.

During the lecture

The camera will automatically track the lecturer during the recording. This is possible because the lecturer can be distinguished from the audience, but in order for this to function properly two things are essential to keep into account:
1. First of all there is a sensor that recognizes whether somebody is standing behind the teacher desk. It is important that there is no chair or other object blocking the sensor's view.
2. Additionally there is a camera that searches for movements in a certain area in the front part of the room. That is why it is important that there is only one person visible in that area during a recording. If there are multiple speakers ensure that they stand in front of the teacher desk.

Sound is recorded through a separate microphone that the presenter is required to use in order to ensure that audio is also recorded and added to the video. Sound produced by the presentation workspace is also recorded. It is discouraged to play video during a lecture, because this video cannot be recorded correctly.

Keep in mind that the recording continues during the break, make sure you turn off your microphone and avoid showing any personal or sensitive information on the screen.

The image to the right shows what the mute button should be switched to.
The image to the right shows what the mute button should be switched to.

After the lecture

After a lecture has been recorded automatically it can be published to Nestor to allow students within a course to watch it. Use Chrome or Firefox for this, Internet Explorer users can experience issues. Only teachers and administrators with similar permissions can publish the recorded video lectures in a Nestor course. There are two ways in which you can do this:

1. The first option is "P2Go List'. This option automatically publishes all videos that have been recorded or will be recorded for this course in the future.
2. The second option is "P2Go Item". This option only publishes a single selected video belonging to the course.

For a instruction manual of both a P2Go List and a P2Go Item, please see the following links:

Manual lecture recording (P2Go List)

Manual for uploading video in Nestor (P2Go Item)

It is also possible to use an adaptive release to show recordings to specific users or groups. Do you have any questions regarding lecture recording or are you encountering issues? Then please contact or call 050 363 8282.

Last modified:08 February 2019 4.10 p.m.
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