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Centre of Expertise CIBIF

ESG Integration and the Investment Management Process: Fundamental Investing Reinvented

19 March 2015

The research by Emiel van Duuren, Auke Plantinga and Bert Scholtens on ESG integration and the investment process of has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Business Ethics. This research is based on a questionnaire that was sent out by TKP Investments to its prospective fund managers. At that time, Emiel van Duuren was doing an internship at TKP Investments.

The study is directed to conventional asset managers and who they account for environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) in their investment process. An interesting finding is that social responsible investing is not restricted to dedicated investor, since many conventional managers also integrate responsible investing in their investment process. Many conventional fund managers have adopted many features of responsible investing in the investment process. ESG information in particular is being used for red flagging and to manage risk. Finally, the study shows that ESG investing is highly similar to fundamental investing, although substantial differences exist in the ways in which U.S. and European asset managers view ESG.

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