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Centre of expertise CIBIF

Faculty of Economics and Business
Centre of Expertise CIBIFCIBIF

What CIBIF offers

CIBIF offers:

  • Impact Analysis: We perform state of the art Impact Analysis based on an experimental research design.
  • Building models. We can assist you in developing your own models for ESG investing (sustainable investing = socially responsible investing = Impact Investing), risk and portfolio management.
  • In-house courses . Courses can be tailored towards your the specific needs of your organisation.
  • A long term relation with our research group as a sponsor. This gives you access to our researchers and students for specific research projects by means of internships.

Commissioning research

You can also hire us to do a specific research assignment for you or help you by building financial models. We can offer help in several different ways:

  • A student can do an internship supervised by staff members of CIBIF.
  • Direct involvement of staff members in finding an answer to your problem.
  • We can offer a second opinion or help you frame your problem with the help of one of our staff members.
Last modified:04 February 2019 11.39 a.m.