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Overview of supervisors and topics

Date:03 January 2019
Author:dr. Auke Plantinga
Thesis topics
Thesis topics

The following overview of thesis supervisors provides a general indication of research topics. 

Supervisor A B C D E F G H I
Angelini, Viola YES
Bessler, Wolfgang YES YES YES YES
Bosma, Jakob YES YES
Brunia, Nanne YES
Dam, Lammertjan YES YES
Eriksen, Steffen YES YES
Hermes, Niels YES YES
Homroy, Swarnodeep YES
Karmaziene, Egle YES YES YES
Kramer, Bert YES YES YES
Kramer, Marc YES
Lensink, Robert YES
Lisciandra, Chiara
Müller, Annika YES
Plantinga, Auke YES YES YES
Roszbach, Kasper YES
Ronchetti, D.
Salomons, Roelof YES
Scholtens, Bert YES
Selmane, Nassima YES
Smid, Peter YES YES
Tinang, Jules YES YES
Tsetkov, Artem YES
Wessels, Robert YES YES YES
Zaal, Raymond YES YES
Zwart, Gijsbert YES
  • A: Valuation, Stock Selection, M&A, Analyst forecasts & recommendations
  • B: Capital Structure, Dividend, IPOs
  • C: Asset Pricing, Derivative Instruments
  • D: Corporate Governance, Ethics & SRI
  • E: Investment Strategies, Asset Allocation
  • F: Banking, credit risk
  • G: Development Finance
  • H: Behavioral & Household Finance
  • I: Health Economics

About the author

dr. Auke Plantinga
dr. Auke Plantinga
dr. Auke Plantinga, Director CIBIF