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Finance and productivity patterns of household enterprises in Ghana.

Datum:03 december 2018
Auteur:prof. dr. Robert Lensink
Robert Lensink
Robert Lensink

The extent of firm level activity in most African countries is concentrated mostly in micro and small enterprises most of which are unregistered. Household enterprises in particular are one of the mediums to observe such firm level activity. Two challenges that exist in such firms are their productivity and financing structure. Whilst we know that these firms tend to suffer from credit constraints, there are critical unanswered empirical questions about these enterprises.  The following are examples of these empirical questions:

  • How have the financing patterns and sources of finance for household enterprises evolved?
  • How productive are household enterprises and how have they performed over time?
  • What is the impact of access to finance on the productivity of household enterprises?

Access to a unique set of Living Standard Measurement Surveys (LSMS) on Ghana also known as the Ghana Living Standards Survey (GLSS), which have data on household enterprises, helps us provide answers to these questions in the case of Ghana. The survey has been running since 1986 with seven cross sectional waves since then. The following waves GLSS III 1991/92, GLSS IV 1998/99, GLSS V 2005/06 and GLSS VI 2012/13 and GLSSVII 2016/17 have sub components for household enterprises and offer a unique opportunity to examine the questions on financing patterns and productivity of Ghanaian household enterprises.

Supervisors: Prof Robert Lensink and Prof Charles Adjasi

Number of students/thesis- 2

Topic 1: Productivity and performance of household enterprises in Ghana (1991-2017)

Topic 2: The impact of access to finance on the productivity of household enterprises in Ghana

Over de auteur

prof. dr. Robert Lensink
prof. dr. Robert Lensink
prof. dr. Robert Lensink, scientific director CIBIF
Expertise: Finance and Development; Impact Analyses; Experimental Economics; Development Economics

Link: /staff/b.w.lensink/