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Internship at econnext

Date:13 June 2020
Author:prof. dr. Bert Scholtens

econnext is an “Industrial Holding with Purpose” founded in 2016 to build profitable businesses supporting the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We hold (majority) shares in a total of six start-ups from the sectors...

VBDO Stage: onderzoek duurzaamheid in de financiële sector

Date:10 March 2020

Wil jij het verschil maken en aan de slag met grote en urgente duurzaamheidsthema’s? Wil jij eraan bijdragen dat bedrijven en investeerders hun geld inzetten voor een duurzamere wereld? En wil je dat doen in een jong, dynamisch en bevlogen team met...

Startgreen Capital zoekt stagiare

Date:29 January 2020
Author:dr. Auke Plantinga

StartGreen Capital is al meer dan 13 jaar aanjager en vernieuwer van innovatieve duurzame financieringen. Vanuit meerdere duurzame fondsen en een crowdfunding platform biedt StartGreen Capital flexibele financieringsmogelijkheden waarmee zowel ondernemers...


Internship at Trustus Capital Management

Date:10 December 2019
Author:dr. Auke Plantinga

Trustus Capital Management has an internship available for a student in the Field of Finance or EORAS for doing an empirical research into the effectiveness of their investment strategy, which is based on selecting high dividend paying firms and equal...

Tom Tom

TomTom Finance graduate program

Date:18 November 2019

TomTom. Finance graduate program has opened a new round, and searching for great candidates!


Vacancy for Internship in Vietnam

Date:15 November 2019
Author:prof. dr. Robert Lensink

Bankable Cooperative: Loan Credit administration, Risk management & Due Diligence


Internship at ING

Date:09 June 2019
Author:dr. Auke Plantinga
Want to know what it is like to work at a global bank? What is a ‘typical day at the office’? Would I feel at home? What is it like to experience the financial turbulence from nearby? These questions will be answered when you do your internship with ING Bank, in the Amsterdam dealingroom. We are looking for a strong candidate to do a 6-month internship with the team that manages the bank’s interest rate risk. The intern would be part of the team, just like any regular employee.
Auke Plantinga

Regional Investing

Date:08 March 2019
Author:dr. Auke Plantinga

In the past two decade we have experienced a rather dramatic change in the way that households invest. Fuelled by a lot of bad press on active management and the skills of banks and asset managers, many have decided to disengage from stocks market...

Bad times coming?

Are the Good Times Over?

Date:31 January 2019
Author:dr. Lammertjan Dam
Last December, Dutch stock prices dropped dramatically and volatility increased significantly. Are things really that bad? Are these the first signs of the next recession? I decided to have a look at the underlying indicators.