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Fossiele energiebedrijven kunnen slechts beperkt investeren in de energietransitie

Date:03 September 2020
Author:dr. Auke Plantinga

Fossiele energiebedrijven zoals Exxon Mobil, BP, Total of Shell kunnen slechts in beperkte mate een bijdrage leveren aan de investeringen die nodig zijn voor de energietransitie. Dat concluderen Bert Scholtens en Auke Plantinga van het CIBIF - een research...

Auke Plantinga

Auke Plantinga

Date:04 November 2019
Author:dr. Auke Plantinga
I have very broad research interests, ranging from topics in behavioral and household finance, to asset pricing and performance measurement. For the next semester I am interested in supervising master theses on Value Investing and Regional Investing.
Auke Plantinga

Regional Investing

Date:08 March 2019
Author:dr. Auke Plantinga

In the past two decade we have experienced a rather dramatic change in the way that households invest. Fuelled by a lot of bad press on active management and the skills of banks and asset managers, many have decided to disengage from stocks market...

Impact Investing: 'Generate change by your investment'

Date:06 February 2019
Author:dr. Lammertjan Dam

“The advantage of Impact Investing is the specific combination of risky investing on a small scale and thereby making a positive contribution which is often very manifest.”

Prof. dr. Bert Scholtens

Bert Scholtens about Impact Investing: 'Providing insight into the external effects'

Date:29 January 2019
Author:prof. dr. Bert Scholtens

“Information provision and generation have always been the force of financial institutions. This becomes even more important at Impact Investing, wherein the field is changing because of sustainability aspects.”

Bert Scholtens

Financial giants can have a pivotal role for climate stability

Date:28 November 2018
Author:prof. dr. Bert Scholtens

Financial institutions, such as banks and pension funds, have a key role to play in efforts to avoid dangerous climate change. And it is not only about redirecting investments to renewable energy and low-carbon businesses, but also to bolster the...

Lammertjan Dam

De impact van duurzaam beleggen op aandelenrendementen

Date:18 October 2017
Author:Lammertjan Dam

In deze video legt Lammertjan Dam op een inzichtelijke wijze uit wat de impact van een focus op duurzame aandelen heeft op het rendement van de beleggingen. Deze discussie speelt een belangrijk rol bij de inrichting van het beleggingsbeleid van met name...