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Centre of expertise CIBIF

Faculty of Economics and Business
Centre of Expertise CIBIF

Research on Impact Analysis and Impact Investing

The Centre for International Banking, Insurance and Finance (CIBIF) focuses on the impact of financial decision making on society and the desire to include non-financial consequences in financial decision making. We offer our knowledge and experience on Impact Analysis and Impact Investing to practitioners in financial institutions, governments, and NGO’s .

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Wolfgang Bessler
Date:18 August 2019

Dr. Wolfgang Bessler is a thesis supervisor for the MSc Finance program at the University of Groingen. Please check the link to his powerpoint on topics that he like to supervise during the next semester. 

Regional Investing
Date:08 March 2019

In the past two decade we have experienced a rather dramatic change in the way that households invest. Fuelled by a lot of bad press on active management and the skills of banks and asset managers, many have decided to disengage from stocks market investing...

Seminar Charles Adjasi - Financial inclusion and household vulnerability
Date:04 December 2018
Wednesday December 19th, 15.00 in 5411.0743. Vulnerability is a challenge in the welfare of households (Chaudhuri et al 2002, Dercon 2005). A household may be non-poor today but vulnerable to poverty tomorrow and a poor household today may face the probability of remaining poor or falling into deeper poverty tomorrow. T