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Vision & Mission


We inspire our students to explore their own interests and engage in exploring solutions for global challenges. We deliver personalised and small-scale education with a focus on future skills, while global engagement is always at the heart of our education.


The mission of University College Fryslân is to teach, to do research and to engage in partnerships.

We teach students to advance their knowledge, character and future skills such as data science and programming. Our staff is dedicated to provide tutorship and blended education for every individual student.

We do research together with our students. As student researchers, students gain research experience working together with experienced researchers. Students learn how to translate a real-world problem into a research question and how to translate theoretical findings into recommendations for diverse audiences.

We engage with the community by organising thematic events that are open to the public. Students participate in Living Lab projects with regional and international stakeholders and they are stimulated to participate in extra-curricular activities that contribute to the broader social and scientific community.

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