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Rijksuniversiteit Groningen/Campus FryslânCentre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Leadership and entrepreneurship

In the last semester of the Master’s programme students work on their own sustainable entrepreneurship project. The final course unit integrates the many elements addressed throughout the whole Master’s programme. Students conduct independent academic research of their own design and focus on finding a solution to a corporate sustainability challenge.

Students can either work on a ‘database’ project or on a ‘case study’ project, leading to either a quantitative or a qualitative leadership project. Depending on their own individual entrepreneurship ambitions and leadership profile, students work with regional, national or international sustainable organizations.

The leadership project concentrates on the empirical research stages, following on from the theoretical stages from the previous course units. At the end of the last semester students present their leadership report to their supervisors, peers and stakeholders during the Circular Minds Conference.

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