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Rijksuniversiteit Groningen/Campus FryslânCentre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

A year-long case study

At the start of the Master’s programme, during the Foundations course unit, students choose a key research question and case. The case may be linked to a regional, national or international company, policy institute or social organization. It may also deal with typical challenges facing Friesland, such as how to develop business models in sustainable agriculture, or how to develop resilient villages in regions with decreasing and ageing populations and low levels of economic growth.

Students will reflect on their main question throughout their studies. They apply insights from each course unit in order to formulate solutions to the sustainability challenges and case chosen at the start.

The stakeholders and participants in the learning community will present questions related to similar challenges. This is done in a longitudinal setting by students from different years. This will foster cross-cohort learning with students passing on their knowledge and solutions to younger cohorts.

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