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International Business

Linking education to research and career preparation

Our education is strongly rooted in business practice and society. Also right from the start of your degree programme attention is paid to academic research and pre-professional development. Since an analytical and critical mind and problem-solving capabilities are important qualities in any career our students aspire.

In collaboration with external partners we conduct research projects on e.g banking, local government, customer insights, leadership, energy, healthy ageing and lean operations.

Research institute related to the MSc programme:

Global Economics and Management

  • Testimonial van Luchien Karsten

    "I really enjoy stimulating our students to develop a cosmopolitan vision and attitude"

    Prof. Luchien Karsten (57) Lecturer in International Business

    ‘What I think is unique in International Business is the way the programme looks at the world around us. We never confine ourselves to our own country but look at other countries and cultures as well. We are very fond of making comparisons. We use the terms cross-border, cross-cultural and cross-functional to refer to this.

    By cross-border and cross-cultural we mean that we look over national boundaries and at other cultures, and by cross-functional we mean that we do not limit ourselves to one function within a company. This approach makes the programme properly international and differentiates IB from other programmes in the field.

    The reasoning behind this is that more and more companies, including small and medium-sized businesses, are being confronted with internationalization. Managers need to know about other markets and have skills in the field of dealing with people and customs from other cultures.

    I really enjoy stimulating our students to develop a cosmopolitan vision and attitude. But the students have to be open to this. You have to enjoy the confrontation with other dimensions. This means that IB is particularly suitable for students who want to broaden their career horizons.’

    – Luchien Karsten
  • Opleidingsvideo

    'I have not regretted Groningen for one minute'

    'I knew I wanted to do International Business, but I also wanted to study in English and in an international environment. Groningen met all those prerequisites, and I have not regretted Groningen for one minute. The best subject I took so far was International Economics and Trade. It has a strong connection to the real world. As part of my bachelor programme, I'm going to study at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for a semester. I'll take classes there in both business and Chinese culture.'

    – Opleidingsvideo
  • Testimonial van Laurien Verschuur

    "It's everything I expected it to be"

    'After I graduated from high school I took the time to figure out what to do next, and decided to go live in China for six months. I worked as an au pair and my time there made me realise I really wanted to study something with an international orientation. When I got back, I decided to do International Business in Groningen, because the study programme and city really appealed to me. It's everything I expected it to be. My study programme is fun and challenging.'

    – Laurien Verschuur
  • Testimonial van Joeri van Geelen

    "Earn that entry ticket to a challenging and fast-paced international career"

    During my BSc programme I studied in Nottingham for a semester. That's when I realised I can earn that entry ticket to a challenging and fast-paced international career, when I excel academically. I decided to attend two MSc programmes: International Management and CEMS. I live and work in Beijing, studying Mandarin. I established an internet business and started an intern ship at Siemens Wind Power in Shanghai, which grants me access to a challenging career in the energy or consultancy sector.

    – Joeri van Geelen
  • Testimonial van Magdalena Langosch

    – Magdalena Langosch