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Economie en Bedrijfseconomie


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  • EBF

    De EBF (Economische en Bedrijfskundige Faculteitsvereniging) is de vereniging die voor studenten het gat tussen studie en het bedrijfsleven overbrugt. De EBF organiseert symposia, onderzoeksprojecten binnen Europa en daarbuiten, een groot tweedaags congres, etc.

Brochure over de opleiding Economie en Bedrijfseconomie
  • Opleidingsvideo

    Petra Besselink: "Studying real-life events"

    Petra Besselink (third year student) tells more about her study Economics and Business Economics and explains her bachelor thesis subject: promotional activities during football championships and market values.

    'Business Economics is all about studying real-life events. We learned about stock prices and bond prices, how to evaluate a financial report to judge the value of companies and what choices to make when it comes to investments. I knew nothing about this topic before, so it was very interesting to me. I like the combination of different subjects within my specialization Business Economics. Combining accountancy, mathematics, and finance: it's a great recipe for a fascinating bachelor programme.'

    – Opleidingsvideo
  • Opleidingsvideo

    – Opleidingsvideo
  • Testimonial van Laurens-Jan Sipma

    "A challenging and diverse job"

    'After graduating I began an internship at NIBC, a Dutch merchant bank. Soon I could join the NIBC Infrastructure & Renewables team. We finance projects ranging from road and prison building to telecom infrastructure. We were one of the banks that financed the A15, a motorway connecting Maasvlakte 2 to Rotterdam. In my Master I specialised in corporate finance and quantitative skills. During my studies I was taught many aspects of the business environment. This was very useful in my work.'

    – Laurens-Jan Sipma
  • Testimonial van Stanislava Todorova, Bulgaria

    Groningen is just perfect for a Bachelor's student

    I decided to come to the Netherlands because I thought it would be somewhat more challenging and interesting than the usual destinations Bulgarian students choose to acquire a degree. The idea of studying in such an international environment, where I can meet students from all over the world really appealed to me.

    Here I am given the chance to set my own agenda. I have control over my study process, and what I achieve is determined solely by me. Studying in Groningen is not easy and you have to work hard. Nevertheless, you can have a lot of fun as well as extraordinary experiences, which makes Groningen so unique. It is a wonderful town for students because there is so much to do outside the university as well. I am happy that I have chosen Groningen, it is just perfect for a Bachelor's student!

    – Stanislava Todorova, Bulgaria
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