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Guyot Prize

The Guyot Price

About the Guyot Prize

The Guyot Prize is the oldest scientific prize awarded by the University of Groningen. The prize is awarded for outstanding achievements in auditory science and otology. It has been awarded every five years since 1914. Earlier recipients include C. Hallpike (awarded 1969), Eelco Huizinga (1964) and later Nobel prize winners Robert Barany (1914) and Georg von Bekesy (1939). The prize is named after Henri Daniel Guyot, who founded the school for the deaf in Groningen in 1790, the first of its kind in The Netherlands.

Previous Guyot Prize Laureates

  1. Dr. Robert Barany, Vienna (1914),
  2. Prof. R. Magnus and Prof. A. de Kleijn, University of Utrecht (1919)
  3. Prof. Karl Wittmaack, Jena (1924)
  4. Dr. A.A. Gray, London (1929),
  5. Prof. M. Meyer, Wurzburg and Prof. F.R. Nager, Zurich (1934)
  6. Dr. G. von Bekesy, Budapest (1939)
  7. Dr. H.W. Stenvers, Utrecht (1947)
  8. Prof. Gunnar Holmgren, Stockholm (1951)
  9. Prof. L. Ruedi, Zurich (1954)
  10. Prof. C.S. Hallpike, London, (1959)
  11. Prof. E. Huizinga, Groningen (1964)
  12. Prof. H. Engstrom, Uppsala (1969)
  13. Prof. J. Tonndorf, New York (1979)
  14. Prof. J.J. Eggermont, Nijmegen (1984)
  15. Dr. W. Kuijpers, Nijmegen (1989)
  16. Prof. D.J. Lim, Ohio (1994),
  17. Prof. A.N. Salt, St. Louis (1999)
  18. Prof. P. Dallos (2004)
  19. Prof. A.J. Hudspeth (2010)
  20. Prof. K. Steel (2014)
  21. Prof. T. Moser (2019)
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