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The University of Groningen is an ambitious international research university with strong roots in the north of the Netherlands. The University creates and shares knowledge through its outstanding research, scholarship and education. With an academic tradition dating back to 1614 and a rich heritage, the University is a unique academic community with a strong sense of belonging and a culture of innovative education and research.

Research and teaching at the University of Groningen are curiosity driven and relate closely to global societal needs. The research is based on strong core disciplines.

In Groningen, we believe that exceptional teaching and research depend on a diverse academic community with a broad range of nationalities and talents. Research, societal impact and education are closely intertwined at the University, and are set against a backdrop of academic freedom. We thus enable our students to become active, independent, critical and responsible global citizens who will help solve the scientific and societal challenges of tomorrow.

Six ambitions

The following six ambitions for 2020 derive from this vision and are central to our strategy:

  1. The University of Groningen will consolidate its position as an international academic community with strong local roots. One of our activities to achieve this is to establish national and international branch campuses (1). In this international setting, research and education will benefit from the diverse perspectives and approaches necessary to solve the big questions and challenges faced by society.
  2. We will help our researchers work on new, high risk ideas by fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial attitude. Fundamental disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research with strong international partners together with innovative interaction with society will be central to the research-driven education that we provide.
  3. We expect our students to be committed and responsible participants in the teaching and learning processes. Enabling our students to be active learners is therefore the focus of our educational strategy.
  4. Putting knowledge to use is a key responsibility of the University. The dissemination of knowledge and converting this knowledge into sustainable economic and societal processes, services and business activities will be a cornerstone of University strategy.
  5. We acknowledge a shared responsibility for University strategy, management and operation and this is reflected in a continuous process of discussion and negotiation with staff and students about the future of our institution. Trust forms the basis of this process, as does the recognition of the different formal roles within the process. Accountability and transparency with regard to quality and funding are fundamental in this respect.
  6. Our alumni are our most important connection to society and we welcome their involvement in our education and research through their contributions in the alumni circles and various other activities.
With this strategy for 2020, the University of Groningen is confident that it can continue and grow in its role as a prestigious international research university in the next five years.

(1) for instance: University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân in Leeuwarden, University of Groningen/Campus Yantai

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