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Recognition and Rewards

Academics have a broad and varied set of duties. Besides wanting them to have teaching and research skills, we set great store by our staff possessing leadership qualities, creating social impact, being creative, and participating in public debate. While we definitely do not require academics to excel in every domain, we do encourage them to develop a variety of competencies so as to allow everyone’s talent to thrive.

This should be reflected in how academics are recognized and rewarded. Achieving this calls for a new procedure for assessing the work of academics that is more closely tailored to the requirements of knowledge and teaching institutions, and society at large. As this opinion is shared by all Dutch universities, they have joined hands in a Recognition & Rewards programme.

Five UG tracks

Which track is right for you?

The UG has instituted a Recognition and Rewards Committee, whose task is to make strides towards recognizing and rewarding this broader set of qualities and skills within the organization.

Recognition and Rewards Festival

Recognition and Rewards Festival on 22 March

During the festival we will discuss the progress of the Recognition and Rewards program at the UG and the challenges and dilemmas of cultural and system change.


Any ideas, suggestions, or questions? Want to share your best – or worst – recognition and rewards practices with us? Want to raise a matter with the Recognition and Rewards Committee? We welcome your input! 

Please send an email to Grytsje van der Meer, Recognition and Rewards Programme Secretary, on, and we will be in touch. 

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