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Culture barometer

Results of Recognition & Rewards culture barometer provide guidance for further implementation of the change programme

The measurement and interviews among scholars recently done among those involved in Recognise & Appreciate is called the Culture Barometer. You can read more about it below.

The various ambitions of the Recognition & Rewards programme are widely supported by academics. For example, they firmly endorse the diversification of career paths and the focus on quality.

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Besides highlighting the above-mentioned broad support for the programme, the culture barometer also reveals some areas of concern. For example, most respondents note that they have not yet seen any change, or much change, since the programme was launched. Most of the changes experienced are policy changes, while systemic and culture changes are experienced less. A large group of respondents even worry that Recognition & Rewards will not succeed in putting the programme’s ambitions into practice. To conclude: there is still work to be done! 

A special edition of the Erkennen & Waarderen e-magazine discusses the reults of the culture barometer in further detail, including an interpretation of the results and interviews with scientists.

Discuss the results?

In the coming period, dialogues will take place both nationally and at participating institutions to discuss the results of the culture barometer and look ahead at how these results will help in further shaping the programme.

Lunch meeting to discuss outcomes of the Culture Barometer at UG

When: 11 July, 11.30 a.m. until 1.30 p.m.
Where: Bruinszaal Academy Building

After a successful Recognition and Rewards festival on March 22, 2024, we would like to resume the series of lunch meetings on the implementation of the R&R program.

Under the leadership of R&R committee member Joke Fleer, we will discuss the results of the Culture barometer.

The meeting is intended for all those involved within the faculty/university with involvement or interest in the R&R program. We will jointly interpret the results and examine what they mean for the UG approach 

Please submit registrations for the lunch meeting to wilma.tonkens

National meetings

The national programme team is organising a dialogue session to this end at the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam on Thursday, 29 August 2024.


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